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Parts of my day

June 16, 2009

You might wonder what goes on in my day. 

And, I might wonder what goes on in yours. 

Let’s focus on the small things.  Have you noticed that all kinds of flowers are blooming?  My coreopsis has been in full bloom for several weeks.  The deliciously cheerful blossoms are perhaps one of my favorite things each morning, and each evening.  I can’t wait to step outside my door in the morning and see what treasures are in my garden.  Nothing goes unnoticed.  Finally, among a flourish of teardrop leaves, tiny little spots of blue buds have formed on the Forget-Me-Nots.   

And, of course, I love being greeted at the end of a long day by their cheerful faces, ushering my return home.  My Shasta Daisies are now in bloom.  So stately, guarding the walkway to my hearth.  Aren’t they perfection?


Early in the morning, when I steal away to a world of seed and paper envelopes, and the warmth of a cup of tea, I can easily spot some members of a family of starlings, chattering on the rooftops of  my neighborhood.  They have become a myriad of inspirations, showing up prominently in my poetry.  The mere simplicity of their silohouettes eclipsed by the warmth of dawn is the postcard for serenity.


It’s these simply things, these simple comforts that I hold on to throughout the day.  I focus, and I center on the beauty of the home I have made, and the lovely light of day, and the dozens of reasons that make life so magical…

like cats… who wake you up at 4 in the morning with the revibratory sounds of purring, and a gentle nudge, telling you to get on  your feet and put some food in the bowl… Or, if not this courteous wake up alarm, then the sound of a frustrated cat batting things off my dresser, waiting for me to lift my head in recognition of her plan… or the sound of her bulimia.

Madeline regurgitates her dinner. Thank goodness for tile flooring...

Madeline regurgitates her dinner. Thank goodness for tile flooring...


Oh joy…. 

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. Mary permalink
    June 20, 2009 10:21 am

    I’m thankful for you and your brother! I love you guys!

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