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a swiss success

July 3, 2009

Do you think it’s true that you get new taste buds every seven years?  I’m not so sure it’s true…

When I first started my job, there was so much information to learn.  The last thing I expected was an education on the food pyramid.  It seems that working with seeds is somehow, inextricably linked, to vegetables and their nutrition.  And, in all the courses I took, and all the ojt I received, I kept hearing about greens and their amazing goodness. 

Greens mean one thing to me… hair.

You may be wondering why.  My sweet grandfather is man among men.  And, when I was little, I used to have difficulty finishing all the vegetables on my plate.  So, he would tease me.  ‘What’s the matter with that spinach? Don’t you want to grow hair on your chest?’  ‘Aren’t you going to eat your peas? Don’t you want to grow some hair on that chest?’ And so on and so on…  Of course, I wanted to say ‘… but I’m a girl…’  Regardless, I never got over the idea that greens, in some way, would make me a hairy ape woman.  Even after 12 years of vegetarianism, I never crossed the veggie line.  And, thus it remained until I started working for a seed company.

At the same time as my recent employment, I was also growing intently interested in holistic health.  I subscribed to Body and Soul, and they would regularly do features on all kinds of vegetables I never thought I could stomach. 

On a whim, maybe pressure from all the news I had heard particularly about Swiss Chard, I decided to buy a bundle of 5 color silver beet from what was then Wild Oats.  I wilted the leaves, per instruction, with the flavorings, as a side dish.  I know I am not alone here in saying that it was quite inedible.  Just the texture in my mouth was more than my stomach could bear.  And I could just feel the birth of little hair follicles spiraling down across my chest.  The whole meal ended in the trash. 

And, as you know, I am not fond of making things twice, especially things that don’t turn out right the first time.  So, swiss chard and all it’s fellow mates were banned from my kitchen.

It was one of my biggest fears about the CSA.  Would I, indeed, have to confront my swiss miss?

Well, the answer is, of course: YES.

And, I’ll tell you, it hasn’t been seven years since my last debacle… not even close.  So, why is it so amazing now?  Who would have known?

Well, don’t take my word for it.  See for yourself…







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  1. Mary permalink
    July 4, 2009 12:28 pm

    Green Beans?!? hAiR ON chESt!! Grandpa hasn’t changed! He is still the same! Next time, it would be nice to include the recipe so that some of us non-adventurous people (like me) might also try it!
    Love ya,

  2. lolocreatives permalink*
    July 4, 2009 1:37 pm

    You can find the recipe on the CSA website: A Well Fed Seed. The link is located in my ‘Inspiration’, to the left of my posts. Go there, and look for the 5 color silver beet, almond, and raisin recipe.
    Next time I see you, maybe I’ll make it for you.

  3. jrodnoble permalink
    July 4, 2009 10:16 pm

    Just so you know, you have the best blog ever… you have a way of making everything enjoyable… keep up the awesome work. And by the way, I’m trying to figure out a good time to skype you.

  4. erica permalink
    July 6, 2009 5:10 pm

    i wonder if thats what happened to me, since i have always LOVED my spinach and green beans, etc…not that the hair is on my chest, but still- i am truly a ‘hairy ape woman’ ;)

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