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shrinky dinks…

July 7, 2009

someone is looking for a long adventure, and it’s not me…


And, so, I quickly realized that much was needed in the way of preparation.  D had enough foresight to remember the rabies tags.  I, in the mean time, was preoccupied with making sure she could be properly identified.  And, not just any tag would do.  For this, I turned to Martha, whose lovely Pet ID tag idea can be found here.

To make this project, you need Shrinky Dinks.  And, I must admit, I am totally hooked…  I found these at Hobby Lobby for a reasonable price.  It doesn’t seem like many places carry them any more.  You will also need an ink jet printer.  And, don’t be bad like me and waste company time by printing them at work… We have a laser printer, and laser printers just won’t do… There are two types of Shrinky Dinks – the kind you can color on, and the kind that you print on.  For this project, you will need the kind you can feed through your inkjet printer.  The other key to the this project is that the ink, once printed, needs to set on the Shrinky Dink sheets.  In order to make this happen, you need to print using transparency settings.





And, I’ll have to be honest here… I wasn’t so happy with the way some of them turned out. 

1. I wasted a ton of paper trying to get the printing right.  Even with my work inkjet, the ink wasn’t setting on the pages.  And so, I was having a difficult time with smearing.

2. This became worse after I cut, ovened, and smooshed flat.   As you can see on Madeline’s yellow tag, the black smudged a little.  Then, stupid me, washed it in the sink and all the ink ran off like it was never there.

3.  The tags still need to be sealed with clear spray.  I’m a little nervous, as I’m not sure what the moisture will do to the print… so much for my perfectly preppy look…

And, so, in defeat, I doodled a cat head with permanent markers on left over Shrinky Dink scraps and put that in the oven just to see what would happen.  Eureka!!!


This little cat head is now Madeline’s official outdoor kitty tag!  It reminds me so much of another great website.  I may just use this as inspiration for something much much cooler!

PS.  I can’t believe it… I used the word ‘cheesed’ today, as in ‘Man, I’m so cheesed…’ I had my assistant laughing so hard, the two of us almost fell off our chairs.  Seriously. Shrinky Dinks shrink my brain…

PPS.  Don’t even get me started on why all cats should be indoor cats… I’m all for the Indoor Cat Initiative.  But Madeline is special… Leave a comment if you have questions.  :)

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  1. Mary permalink
    July 10, 2009 1:57 pm

    I’m glad to hear that the “new” Madeline is much more content now that she is able to be the outdoor cat she was meant to be in her lifetime. Hopefully, she doesn’t stray too far from home!

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