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July 20, 2009

If someone could look back at my childhood, they would tell you that I’ve always liked to do things for myself.  There was just no other way to tackle any challenge.  No one could step in for me and tell me what I should be doing, or saying, or wanting, or needing.  And so, it shouldn’t surprise you to find out that I indeed love to can and preserve.  I’d rather be in control.  (You can take that as a blanket statement, if you’d like.  But, I digress…)  It’s comforting knowing each step that makes nourishment possible. 

I wish I could apply this to all areas of my life, but that would be unrealistic.  Indeed, things go awry more often than not, and these are the things that make life interesting.  And, I wish I could say that I would go back and change some of the things that have happened to me, or some of the things that I have happened to.  But then, I would not have learned so many valuable lessons along this path.  You might say, in a cheesy way, that my pantry is well stocked with the wisdom I’ve gathered along the way.  And I prefer this.

DSCF4090DSCF4098And, so, over the course of the last months, I have created a little stow away of food for the winter, consisting of:

strawberry jam

brandied cherries

pickled beets

blueberry/lavender/honey butter


I am hoping, shortly, to reconnect with an old friend and go peach picking.  I find in those simple moments, whether it is in a strawberry patch, an orchard, or amid a thicket of blueberry bushes, that I am at home with the sweet smell of success and harvest, the quiet nature of the breeze, and the humming of a friend as they tell me everything and nothing in the warmth of the sun.

An homage to canning, chronologically because I’m a control freak, remember?









And, in the end, what do I think of all that I have created and learned… hmm….DSCF4101

I would say that the rewards are sweet.  And, I’ll savor every last morsel.


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  1. Mary permalink
    July 22, 2009 3:33 pm

    I am ready for more blueberry picking! My supply has almost run its course. Maybe tomorrow morning?!? Possibly.

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