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it really does matter… really!

October 5, 2009

local matters

So, it should come as no surprise that I was very excited to receive a sticker, exactly like the image above, last night.  The first Saturday of the month in C-Bus always means The Gallery Hop.  And of course, I was paying my obligatory respects to Jeni’s, waiting in a line that curled around the side of the building, and down the block.  I was, as I almost always seem to be, trying to convince my mother that Jeni’s really is THE best ice cream joint in Columbus, if not Ohio. And as I inched closer to the doorway, spilling out immaculate confectionary light and wafting with the sweet smell of waffles, I noticed a group of kind-looking grass-roots people handing out items to customers as they waited.  And the closer I got, the more excited I became.  I was seriously like a child waiting in line for her gold star.  I could see the stickers, green and slick, and smooth on their fingers as their hands flicked out the goodies to strangers… these were badges of honor.  One coyly boasted ‘I am delicious’.  The other, of course, sported the ‘Local Matters’ logo, seen above. 

It wasn’t long before my mother had struck up a conversation with the woman who had handed us our stickers.  And, I was instantly in love with their organization.  Please, go to: and learn about the good things these people are doing.

All this being said, it is the beginning of Local Foods Week.  And, in honor of this week, I thought it was appropriate to highlight Local Matters, and to mention that I am incredibly proud of all of you who have begun to consider local food options.  Wherever we are at, whether Ohio, or Virginia, Colorado, or california, we all can doing something to support local food and local establishments.  Ohio, for instance, has so much to offer.  There are dairy farms, beef cattle, pork and eggs, and chicken, fresh produce, and orchards, yarns and fibers.  We have almost everything we need to sustain us.  Why not give our farmers the business they deserve?  Why are they sending so much of what they produce out of state?  It seems like such a terrible waste to me.  There’s nothing better than an apple straight off the tree.  D loves fresh, raw corn, right off the cob.  Even my mother has warmed to fruit harvest, gobbling up fresh high-bush variety blue berries in the thick of summer, and freezing for later enjoyment.

When my brother came back from Israel, he shared with me that he and his girlfriend had joined Door to Door Organics, which is currently available in Colorado, Kansas City, Michigan, Connecticut, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, and DC.  The choices here for door-to-door produce service are incredible, and resemble our CSA models in many ways.

I also heard recently that both my mother and my grandmother were interested in a local meat CSA. 

And, the list continues, I am sure…

Each week, I will be featuring a local-to-me business/restaurant/farm for the next few months, in a Friday feature called ‘Foodie Fridays’.  My hope is to educate more people about what they have in their own backyards, or at least inspire more of you to find out what’s in YOUR neck of the woods.

For more resources on local food:

And for those who want to preserve/u-pick:

And, for those who would like to support local arts and crafts:  – click on the ‘Shop Local’ button on the left hand side of the screen.

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  1. sagesweetgrass permalink
    October 10, 2009 2:19 am

    Yes!! My sticker is on the bumper of my “new to me” car! Love IT! (as Oprah would say!!)

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