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cribs aka home sweet home aka the pad

May 22, 2010

I made a big jump the other day.

if you can imagine: i bought baby clothes.

if you can imagine even more: i broke down and bought a crib.

i have to first qualify this by saying that i’ve been having a tough time with friends.  i had some ghosts of the past visit me, and i had few from the present stir up a little trouble.  and so, I was beginning to feel like no one really wanted anything to do with me any more.  was it that i’m a little hormonal? or slightly on the obese side?  was i just not good enough? I don’t know.  But I was yard sale-ing, and that is always dangerous.

there’s nothing like finding a good deal at a garage sale.  and here in columbus, we are rather lucky. once a year, all of german village opens up for a village-wide yard sale.  people are selling things on every street block.  and the deals are vast.  i’ve always wanted to be more of a thrifter, something in the vein of amanda blake-soule.  but, i find myself a little more lazy and lackluster. so village valuables is right up my alley. 

it was there that we found so many cute, very gender-neutral clothes for the little peanut – some at $0.25 a piece, brand new.  And then there was the crib.  Oh the crib.

Cribs bother me.  they look like minature prisons.  i know it’s supposed to be for the baby’s safety. but they look like we’re dooming them to a life of criminal activity. plus, it would probably surprise you to know that i think i fall under the school of attachment parenting.  i want the baby in arm’s reach so that I only need to touch it to settle any fussing.  mostly, this is selfish, as i want to sleep as much as possible.  but there’s no shame in admitting that.  any way, the big thing is making sure one of the cats doesn’t sit on the baby’s head, or something strange.  because, that really would be a nightmare.

when at the sale, i get slightly off kilter, especially if i have a reason to be emotional. it’s possible to walk for countless hours.  we ended up walking for 5.5 hours… browsing and walking, really.  but you’re still on your feet, and that’s also draining.  and so, sometimes you don’t make the best decisions.  for instance, last year i purchased a coffee table that had an inset of intricate wood carving depicting a castle from germany.  i wasn’t really interested in another coffee table, but the woman at the sale said she had given the side tables to friends, and they had removed the carvings and hung them on the walls.  And i thought it was brilliant.  maybe it still is.  i don’t know how many hours i spent carefully dismantling the table and safely removing the carving.  but when it was all said and done, i had like a 50lb carving, about three feet in length, and i didn’t have the ability or confidence to actually hang it on the wall.  and so it sits in the garage, waiting…

and so it was with the crib.  for well under $100, we were able to grab a fairly unused and pristine crib for our little nugget. 

I set it up by myself in the later hours of the afternoon, wondering why all of a sudden it made things so official. 

It was at that moment that the cats all figured out how to climb into the crib, and seemed to enjoy frustrating me as I pulled them out, and they kept hopping back in… and then i realized i needed a mattress… and bedding… and the amount of expenses came crashing down around me. 

not everything is a steal, you know?   a used mattress? maybe not so much… 

I do have definite ideas about blankets and bumpers.  i want to find vintage sheets and make them into those things… so i feel like projects and more pictures are to follow.

but for now, the crib has become the safe guardian of all the baby items we are starting to accumulate.  and filling that crib up now seems so satisfying, and important… strange, right?

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  1. sagesweetgrass permalink
    May 23, 2010 1:09 pm

    B. H.’s Abuelita has a few items to add.
    Te amo,

  2. Colleen permalink
    May 25, 2010 4:37 pm

    Nesting … definitely nesting.

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