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have you seen him?

June 25, 2010

Missing:  one incredibly attractive and terribly studious husband

Have you seen him lately?

I know that I certainly haven’t…

All that hard work, and dedication, and time and effort, and desire… It’s so amazing, what he does.  D is currently in the midst of clinics, and is scheduled for oncology.  I can’t imagine how hard that must be.  And so, while I miss him terribly, I am so glad that he has an opportunity to shine, to save lives, and better the lives of others.  What he does isn’t silly or trite – it isn’t just playing around with cuddly animals.  He knows more about science and medicine than I will ever know about anything, period.  He performs surgery, holds someone’s life in his hands.  He diagnoses and treats and comforts. He is so many things that I could never be, and for this, I love him.

I was so glad that he had an opportunity this week to show up to our monthly midwife appointment.  I know it is sometimes hard to squeeze these kinds of things into his schedule.  But, he has never missed a single appointment, and I am not sure that he ever will.

The appointment, by the way, went wonderfully.  It was basically an hour of us gabbing about how horrible hospitals are for birthing… but, it was also educational as well.  It confirmed a few things for us, including that we have been feeling the baby move around.  The only way I can describe the feeling, unfortunately, is by comparing it to getting swabbed for cervical cancer.  I mentioned this to the midwives, and they laughed and said Yes Yes, I completely understand what you’re saying!  It’s good to have that validation.   

They are also more confident about when I am due.  Although we’re not stuck on numbers – dates really aren’t important to natural birth like they might be to a doctor – we’re tentatively saying October 22nd, knowing that I could easily be earlier or later.  But, at least I can tell people that I have a date, since so many seem so stuck on that.

We again heard the heartbeat via the doppler.  We have not yet had any luck with the fetoscope.  But, definitely next time!  In any case, the baby’s heart rate is steady at 160 – every time, like clockwork.  The midwives laughed and said that it will be a girl.  It’s an old wives tale, but apparently the heart rate of boys drops after some time.  If it hasn’t dropped, it is generally thought to be a girl.  I don’t put much stock in old wives tales, although they’re fun to share.  We will be so pleased and surprised with whatever this universe has given us. 

I have also been trying to straighten out maternity leave, and reimbursement through insurance for our care with the midwives.  These things have been kind of stressful.  But, the good news is that I may have licked the lack of sleep.  I bought a rather silly ‘C’ shaped pillow, which I think may have caused a small revolution in my life.  But, it’s the little things that count, right?

Through much subconscious prodding by people I hold very dear, I finally picked up a copy of ‘Eating Animals’ by Johnathan Safran Foer.  I’m not very far in, but am already impressed by his quality of writing, and the philosophical depth of his arguments, or enlightenments.  Of course, having been vegetarian for 12 years, it isn’t very hard to convince me of anything in this arena.  And having a child has put a lot of things into prospective.  I think, after the birth, I might revisit some of my roots.  It would be good for me.

If you’re in C-bus this weekend, don’t forget about Comfest – and come visit the Choice Midwives booth.  Support the freedom of choice!

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