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hopping along

June 28, 2010

{sunday morning}

I am quite aware of the light spilling in the window sunday morning, when D says to me: Let’s get up, and exercise.

It is 8am, and I’ve finally slept through the night without getting up, or waking up.  I feel like I could sleep forever.  It’s bound to be hot outside already, and since I have promised myself that I would stop running, going to the park seems so silly and pointless.

But, I hop to it.

And sure enough, as the morning light is filtering through the trees, I am renewed, and refreshed on our walk.  The trees break away to a meadow teeming with life: blue birds and sparrows, wildflowers, and giant oak trees.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I spot this little guy – a tiny little frog, sun bathing on the path.  And as we continue to walk, we notice that there are hundreds of little frogs jumping into the grass, alarmed at our arrival.  I cannot help but laugh.  Their determination and spring-board legs make me smile.

And so, when I get home, I think to myself: I’d better get busy too!  There’s no sense in sitting around.  Hop to it! Let’s go!

And so, D and I completely clean the upstairs – office cleared out, clothes actually folded, floors swept, a place found for all the piles of paper, and objects and strange little memos.

Suddenly, the day seems like it has gone too fast, and the sun seems to be slipping away.  I was hoping to get to Comfest this weekend, and it feels like I will never get there now.  I say to D: This is our last time to go! I can’t believe we’re missing it!  And he replies: I’m not so sure it’s our last opportunity.

Suddenly, I feel new things on the horizon.

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