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thursday night lights…

July 2, 2010

:: okay, it’s not exactly football, and we’re not exactly in texas.  but, i’d say there’s nothing better than a little baseball/softball on a summer evening.

:: d’s been playing softball while in vet school.  he’s the pitcher… lucky him.  it’s been a while since i went to a game.  but, i decided that last night was too beautiful of an evening to sit at home.  so i joined him for the 2nd half of the first game, and the entire 2nd game.  it was a lot of fun, watching the team, and d, and all of the moments in between play.  i think i may need to make some kind of bag for him to carrier that jersey and glove in… hmm… my gears are turning…

:: it’s almost exactly one month until d’s birthday.  i wonder what splendors he will get to experience this year… i can’t wait to celebrate with him, as this birth year is bound to be full of amazing things: the birth of his first child, graduation from veterinary school, the marriage of two of his very good friends… and more…

:: unrelated, don’t forget to visit your local farmer’s market.  things are starting to hit their stride, and so many beautiful vegetables, fruits, and flowers are available, not to mention eggs, cheese and meats.  i will try to remember to bring my camera with me this saturday so that i can share the splendor of our local markets.

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