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to market to market…

July 6, 2010

:: on saturday mornings, we visit one of three area markets: worthington market, clintonville market, or the north market.  of all, i like clintonville the best.  we take our time, looking over all the fruits and vegetables.  clintonville, somehow, feels more authentic.  sometimes, in the other markets,  i think to myself, ‘there’s no way this is locally grown’.  but i never feel like that in clintonville. 

::these pictures are from the worthington market.  some time, i would like to sit down on the patios they have aplenty, and eat breakfast while the world scrambles to find the best priced lodi apples.  people watching would be a must.

::we can find almost all of our weekly food items here at the market.  what’s on this week’s schedule?  for sure, potato and leek soup.  also, marinated pork chops and salad, mac and cheese, tart cherry chicken sausage and green beans, and cheeseburgers with corn on the cob.  (most items, including the cheese, picked up at the market.)

:: i particularly like when i see families.  i think it’s important to share with children where their food comes from.  it does not just magically arrive prepackaged at the grocery store.  there is a history and a story, and not all of it is good.  and this why i love farmers markets.  farmers are proud of their contribution.  they WANT to tell you why they do things differently, do things better… they’re eager to hand you a business card, to ask you to come and visit.  i think supporting them is just as important as being vegetarian, or vegan.  because, while heroic (i should know, right? :) ), vegetarianism isn’t a solid solution to factory farms.  it isn’t the ONLY solution.  it is A solution.  certainly, i don’t think it’s out of the question to ask everyone to at least consider it.  but the beauty of this world is that people have different tastes and likes and opinions.  and so, if you’re going to eat meat, or produce, or dairy, support a local farmer.  certainly the quality will be better.  and while there will certainly still be moral implications (what in this world doesn’t carry those?), i believe in stepping slowly away from the factory farm model.  it is much more sustainable than asking everyone to suddenly give up all meat.  take baby steps away, and soon, the local farmers will be able to reclaim their important and historical role in society. 

{more pictures, as the season continues, i’m sure are to come. enjoy}

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