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no, i am not THAT large…

August 3, 2010

let’s be clear.  i am definitely bigger.  i definitely have cankles.  i no doubt have doubled in size over the last seven months.


NO, i am NOT having twins…

please do not ask, i beg of you.  if you are a stranger, and would like to comment on my apparent pregnancy, please do not unintentionally insult me by referring to my large-ness in terms of how many people can fit inside my stomach.

and if you’re not a stranger, by all means, you should know better. tisk tisk.

i’m sure many pregnant women can tell you the same thing.  but, i think the pregnant belly somehow signifies to people that they can do things that are out of the social norm.

1. they outwardly touch you, without your permission. although, if you were not indeed pregnant, this would be grounds for sexual assault.

2. they feel the need to tell you every pregnancy related story they know, mostly horror stories, and mostly longwinded and unnecessary, as if somehow their stories mean this is EXACTLY how every pregnancy must and should go…

3. they are aghast at your size, and are not afraid to show/tell you this, mostly with double takes, or references to twins, or commenting, ‘really, two more months to go? wow.’, as if you are some medical anomaly.

can you tell i’m slightly frustrated?

let me name the facts:

1. i can still see my feet. so ha.

2.  i have only gained 15lbs so far. from the backside, i pretty much look like my normal obese self.

3. yes, i have a few common complaints – mostly heartburn, swollen feet, and a pinched nerve.  but all in all, i have been, physically, pretty healthy. no real morning sickness. no real cravings. ran for as long as i could, and still stay as active as i can (so, no i am not just laying around, as some might ascertain from my apparent largeness).

4. some days i don’t even feel pregnant. and i attribute this to the awesome job my body is doing at handling this load.

5.  my self-confidence has never been better. and i think this is because i am so confident in how my body is handling this situation, and how it will handle the upcoming birth.  i have no doubts in myself. this i can handle.

6.  i am still wearing non pregnancy clothing.  maybe this says that i may need to reevaluate my wardrobe… but, it also says that maybe, just maybe i’m not THAT large…

in any case… i appreciate you letting me rant and clear the air.  all things being what they are, i think this is going just as good as it could go. and i am happy with the results.

look for a post on knitting for baby in the near future.

love all around.

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