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another lovely wedding…

October 4, 2010

three weddings last month, including the mile-high couple.  one of those weddings was that of my cousin and her beloved.  i couldn’t be there, but i sent my brother with my camera and asked him to take photos.  these are the photos he took, and i have edited them.

to all those who recently have tied the knot, i wish you much luck in your new adventure.  may you always cherish the joy you feel when you hold each other, when you find yourself in your loved one’s eyes.  remember to always remain true to yourself, while supporting your unity. 

i will admit that 3 years ago last month, D and i tied the knot ourselves.  much has changed since then.  D is completing his last year of veterinary school – soon to be a real doctor, saving lives!  we are soon expecting our first child.  and there is no doubt that a change of scenery is in store for the both of us.  and i would say that over the past 3 years, we have found ourselves in each other, and have also continued to develop our ongoing individuality.  and i am entirely grateful for the last 3 years… or really, the last 10… as surely i couldn’t have found a better companion.

thank you bro for the photos, and congrats to all the recently married, and those whose marriages are still going strong.  it’s nice to see so much committment, and love, and hard work. :)

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