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knitting for baby

November 1, 2010

so, over the months and months that i have been waiting for this baby to arrive (yes, still waiting… i know we ALL are…), i felt that knitting some nice things would be a productive use of my time.  plus, as i had so many lovely handmade things growing up, it was important to me that i too also provide many many homemade things for my children.  in fact, it became incredibly important for me to surround myself and my children with homemade objects.  there’s something so much more comforting in a homemade sweater versus one purchased at the store.  so much love and time and effort spent, knowing it was done solely for YOU, that YOU are that loved and honored and respected…

so, i was giddy with glee when i found out that my brother and his lovely wife had painstakingly made wooden blocks for this new little nugget.  and i was bowled over with joy when i found that my mom had generously knit a sweater, hat and two cute stuffed mice.  already, this baby was going to be filled with love by those around it.

so, it was my turn…

here are some of the projects that i tackled.  if you want project specifics, please visit my ravelry site (lolocreatives, as always), where you can look at all the projects in detail, including yarn type/selection, and my ratings of ease and satisfaction, plus links to the patterns themselves. if there is an overwhelming request, i can go through the specifics here at a later date.

i must note that i have many more project ideas and patterns just waiting to be cast on… but without knowing the sex, or size of the baby, i don’t want to chance knitting/sewing anything else before it arrives.  this is part of the waiting game, i suppose.  i have never liked ‘gendering’ children.  but, i do want to get to know this little muffin a bit more before i create anything else for it.  knowing its personality might help me pick colorways and pattern styles.  i’d like to start knitting somethings that are more personal.  and i know for a fact that once this little toot arrives, a quilt will be started, just as one graced my childhood bedroom for so many many years.  i still have it, in fact, stored away for safe keeping, worn with so many years of love.  i can’t wait to give this gift to my own children! :) i am so excited that it is now MY turn to give!

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  1. Mary permalink
    November 3, 2010 6:47 pm

    :) !!

  2. erica nichole permalink
    January 11, 2011 6:33 pm

    these are the cutest things i have ever seen! im trying my hand at a scarf. i feel like a fool, comparatively. i dont think ill ever get to where you are!

    • lolocreatives permalink*
      January 11, 2011 10:20 pm

      thank you! you can do it! and, i can help. just send me any questions. if you can do a scarf, you can do many things: wash cloths, hats, etc. super easy.

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