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paperless part 1

January 10, 2011

do you have goals for 2011?  i have a few lofty, rather wild ones… first is my long anticipated return to vegetarianism.  that needs no explanation.  it’s obvious that it defines who i am, in a way, and says way too many things about me… if you’re careful to pick up on all those tiny nuances.

and you can throw fitness in there. and more crafting, of course.

but the real one, the one that matters, is cutting as much paper as i can out of my life.  i have started by diapering adelaide in cloth diapers during the day time.  There are so many cloth diapering systems out there.  i really didn’t know which one to choose.  but the kind people at Sprout Soup here in Columbus were very helpful.  and of course, lots of research is always constructive.  in the end, there was a clear winner: fuzzibunz.  i could have done things the old fashioned way – lots of folding, and pins, and wool soakers, etc.  but, it didn’t seem convenient.  the modern systems, fuzzibunz especially, make it so easy.

for me, this is a three part system.

there are the covers,

the inserts,

and the wipes.


all are reusable and washable, which means i do a special load of laundry every 2 days.

these are pocket diapers.  that means that the covers form a pocket in which the insert is placed.  then, the whole thing gets snapped into place on the baby, almost like a disposable would.  they are meant for one use at a time, meaning, once worn and soiled, they must then be washed before using again.

the covers are made with PUL and microfleece.  the PUL keeps the baby and its clothes dry, while still allowing the fabric to breathe.  this forms the protective outside of the diaper.  the microfleece keeps moisture from directly contacting the baby’s skin.  it is soft and warm, and forms the inside of the diaper.

fuzzibunz is particularly friendly, as their one size fits all diapers have an elastic system in the legs, and in the back which allow the diaper to be resized over and over again as the baby grows through out the years.

all in all, it’s taken a little getting used to.  there have been leaks, for sure.  and a whole system of wet bags, diaper area wash used with the wipes and other necessities had to be considered when going out and about.  until we got the sizing right, adelaide would scream every time we put her in them.  now, i think she’s getting used to them.

slowly, but surely, these things take time to adjust to.  and that’s not always easy.  and does all that washing really end up saving on the environment any way?  i’m not sure.  but i do feel good about what little i put in the trash can, and what little will go in a landfill.  and i feel even better about what i am doing for my daughter.  her diaper rash that was forming, even with environmentally friendly, chlorine-free disposables, is now slowly fading.

i recently found a website that carries sewing materials used to make diapers.  Very Baby has so many cool things.  i might try to make a thing or two.  i’m thinking sanitary napkins, because i need to set an example for my daughter.  i can’t ask her to wear cloth, and not do the same for myself.  that will be an adventure, i’m sure.  and i’m sure you’ll hear all about it.  aren’t you excited?

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