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paperless, part 2

January 12, 2011

another part of the puzzle…

i realized that we reached for paper towels for just about everything.  juice spilled on the floor? paper towel.  wet hands? paper towels.  messy eater? paper towels.  nose running? paper towels.  and so on and so on.  you get the picture. we used them for everything. cleaning, the whole nine yards. it was an never-ending addiction.

and, so i made a purchase of 52 Bird-E Towels from Athenacreates.  these incredibly absorbent and easy to use, easy to clean cloth towels have been a life saver.  we keep them on the island in a basket, easy to grab at any time.

when we need to clean, or use a napkin, or wipe up a mess, now we grab these.

this transition has been easier than the cloth diapers.  it’s a simple switch and something that any one can do, really.  the cost is so small compared to how much you spend on paper towels over the course of the year.  and you could even make these if you wanted.  i’ve got my hands full right now, and so opted to buy them.  plus, i thought, why not let the expert take care of this, right? if the woman makes a living sewing these, maybe i should let her do her thing. but i love them.  really i do!

look for more paperless updates over the course of the next year as we try to reach our goal for 2011.  and please send any questions about how things are going!  we love to hear from you.  i assure you that i read every single comment made. :)

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