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February 28, 2011

adelaide is a stoic little girl.  she is very good natured and very sweet.  she smiles a lot.  but when it comes to laughing, she drives a hard bargain.  d and i have only heard her tiny chuckle a handful of times.  and then, it’s so spontaneous, by the time we get a camera, the moment is gone.  or, we scare her by cracking up ourselves.  we explode in a burst of laughter and then, again, the moment is gone.  it’s so cute, it’s hard not to laugh too, especially when you work so hard to get it out of her.  i discovered she is ticklish in  her neck, but it doesn’t always get a laugh, and looks more like kiddie torture.  so, you see, we’ve been working on this moment for a while.

we watched the oscars last night.  adelaide seemed like she was in a good mood, and she started laughing at d.  he knows just how to be silly enough to evoke a chuckle or two.  and we finally had a camera on hand.  here’s the result.

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