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a gift long overdue

June 5, 2011

when adelaide was born, i knew my usual crafting for the holidays would be stifled.  i knew that she would take up all the spare time i had.  and so, i tried to get some things done early.  and i did almost no crafting, which was unusual for me, and a little painful.  but i did resolve to make one thing for my mother.  at the 11th hour, it was apparent that this gift was never going to happen in time, and so i switched to plan B.  many many many months later, i can finally say that it is done and safely in the arms of a proud grandmother and a mom that i love so dearly.  a pretty pillow for a beautiful soul.

this project is fun and easy, if you want to attempt.

i used an 18″ pillow form and 6 different quarter fats to build a log cabin patchwork.  The photo in the center was edited through picasa and then printed onto printable fabric using an inkjet printer.  The log cabin design is built around the photo.  i used varying widths of fabric, all cut to the same length.  as i sewed the next side, i would trim it to the appropriate length. i didn’t worry about overall width, as i eyeballed it, and measured when i thought i was done.  whatever was extra was trimmed away after sewing the front and back together, leaving room to insert the pillow form.  turn it inside out, insert the form, and use a slip stitch to close the opening. and bam! you’re done! easy peasy!

i hope it is well-loved.  :)

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  1. sagesweetgrass permalink
    June 8, 2011 12:17 am

    Lauren~ I love it!! It sits on the rocking chair were I can see it everyday! Thank you!

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