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so, i made some things for the new baby

July 12, 2011

did i mention we’re having another baby?  did i mention it’s a little girl, due some time this fall?  oh, did i mention that’s two little girls in under a year, without having twins? oh boy… and so, new babe deserved some nice things, i thought.  here’s where i started, by breaking in to my felted sweater stash.  i thought this would keep her cuddly on chilly fall nights, or give her something to roll around on in the coming winter months.

then, things got very silly indeed.  i realized very quickly that adelaide’s birthday and the new babe’s arrival would potentially be very close together.  and, so i began to make things for adelaide’s 1st birthday, thinking that i wouldn’t have any time once the new baby arrived.  yet, i still wanted the new babe to be swaddled in lots of mama-made things, just as adelaide was.  and it all seemed impossible.  so where to start?  small! start small!  and so, with great agony, i remember how socks never never stayed on adelaide’s feet.  all through the winter, she remained barefoot.  and so, booties, though cliche, seemed the right place to start.

and then, i realized that time really was of the essence, and that i had a lot more time than i realized.  so, i got a little braver and cast on a bonnet.

and then, wouldn’t you know it, the flood gates opened up.  i sewed two pairs of pants.  and there are two sweaters almost ready to come off the needles.  there is yarn in the mail for two more sweaters, and i’m sure i won’t stop there, as i have my eye on a few dress and cape patterns.

and did i forget adelaide in all this?  of course not.  she too received three new pairs of pants, one for now, and two for her birthday.  i also finished a sweater and some puzzle balls for her first.  and she too has yarn in the mail for two new sweaters.  i will post about all this at a later date.

the point, i suppose, is that creating is alive and well around here.  hey, i even finished a sweater for myself! and i too have yarn in the mail for something new and delicious! and yarn at home, waiting for my mother to return a book in which the pattern is located.

ahhh…. knitting… sewing… creating… you can never have too much of it, i always say.

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