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9 months

August 17, 2011

okay, i’m one day behind.  but really, who’s counting?

the whole goal of these photos is to turn them into a growth chart, done initially by the talented darcy miller.  at 9 months, can you believe i only have 3 (yes, three!) pictures left to take? oh my! how time goes so quickly.  soon, i’ll be starting all over with a new little one.

i actually feel apologetic for the life i’ve been living.  strange, eh?  i guess what i mean is that i feel bad, in some regards, that i haven’t been able to give adelaide the life i wanted to give someone so young.  and i know that plans change and that i need to change with them.  and of course, i am honored by the new little presence in my tummy. (my how she’s kicking up a storm!)  but i do wish i could run around after adelaide and take her on hikes and show her things. plant a garden.  discover dirt and mud.  instead, i’m watching others do this with her and it hurts a little.

adelaide has recently entered that stage where i have become her comfort zone.  she doesn’t want to take a bath without me in the tub.  she crawls furiously back to me in the face of a new fear.  when wary of new faces, she buries her little head in my chest.  she wants ME more than anything.  me!  can you imagine?  and yet, i am less able to be her shelter than i ever have been.  this pregnancy has been hard on my body, presumably because things are sooooo back to back.  no recovery time, you know?  what i wouldn’t give to be there for absolutely every little thing.

and now, thinking about taking only 3 more photos in this tremendous year of growth, i have become a little nostalgic.  it’s just not enough.  not enough time with this fantastic little girl who teaches me so much, and amazes me so greatly on a daily basis.

i am honored to be her mom.  i wish i could be more.

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  1. August 17, 2011 6:56 pm

    Now you know how I feel! :)

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