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how am i?

August 18, 2011

many of you have asked how i am doing, and i am sorry i haven’t responded in a more personalized manner.  things have been kind of crazy around here.  there have been a lot of family obligations, to start, which is perfectly lovely.  but, it does make you wonder where the time went.  days slip by so quickly.

i think, mostly, we’ve started to settle into a new routine.  with d’s new job, new scheduling has sprouted.  and with adelaide’s constant growth and development, new daily tasks are ever evolving.  and my time travels with these things.

i’ve had a lot on my plate lately, or in my lap, should i say?

of course, there’s been time for crafting.  i stay busy by piling on the projects.  what’s in my basket right now?  i’m currently knitting myself two sweaters.  i have the yarn for three sweaters for the girls in the wings.  i’m working on making pants for baby #2 from cashmere sweaters.  and i’m also working on making a pair of pants and 2 dresses for adelaide from some recycled articles of clothing, not to mention some craftiness for a bride and groom soon to wed.  there’s oh so much going on!

lately, my cleaner side has gotten the best of me.  i scrubbed the whole living room from top to bottom, including the doors and windows.  i’m now itching to tackle a couple of closets which are looking particularly bereft.

my body is in agony this time around.  contractions are a lot stronger.  my pelvic muscles are intensely achy.  and, i’m exhausted beyond belief.  my traveling days, i think, are finally over.  although i still have a few weeks before my midwives would prefer i not stray too far from home, i don’t have the energy or the desire to go anywhere.  it’s my body’s beautiful way of preparing me for the arrival of our new little nugget.  and boy, i cannot wait to meet her.  my days are spent crafting for her, dreaming of what she might be like and hoping that she and her sister are fast friends.

i have a basket of clothing set aside for her already.  the anticipation for her birth is mounting.  and that couldn’t make me happier.

once babe #2 is born, i have plans to take adelaide to yoga classes as a way to continue our bonding.  i’m hoping that by doing some things solely with her i can curb some of the jealousy issues that might pop up.

basically, i spend my evenings chewing ice, watching Midsomer Murders (or, okay, i admit it: America’s Got Talent. you caught me.), knitting, curled up on the couch.  i like the quietness of the house at the end of the day.  i like how all the corners become still and reflective.  i like that i have time to be.  in these moments, after a weary day, i often feel a little nudge from sweet babe #2, and it makes me happy and full of light.

i am tired, but i cannot complain.

thanks for asking! how are you??

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  1. August 18, 2011 8:04 pm

    Anxiously awaiting the arrival of our granddaughter!!!!….and looking forward to spending the weekend with you and Adelaide!

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