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messs aren’t all that bad

August 25, 2011

first. can i say how great it is, in some regards, to see a mess about me?  others might disagree, but this small disaster of a living room is absolutely perfect.  it means that adelaide is adventuring.  she’s taking interest in things and throwing other things away, sorting through piles of different toys and objects, searching for the one that might suit her fancy.  it’s a discovery process.

most nights, I don’t even pick up.  i just let things lie where they are, satisfied in this new process that comes with furious crawling fits and exuberant squeals of delight.

and i love that these surroundings are of natural origins.  those beautiful blocks were handmade by my talented brother and his obviously talented wife.  painstakingly cut and sealed with beeswax, they must be one of the best gifts we have ever received.  and i know that adelaide and her soon-to-be-sister will be safe surrounded by the castles they will build and dream up.  i find it so important to surround ourselves with items that are both beautiful and safe in nature.  and the only real way to accomplish this is to draw from nature itself and leave plastics, synthetics and electronics at the door.

in this way, adelaide draws upon her imagination.  she fills her time with books and blocks and other simple things that allow her to be the wonderfully imaginative child that she is, discovering all the little beautiful things about life.


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