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and the knitting continues

August 29, 2011

so in prep for adelaide’s first birthday, i decided to knit her some toys.  however, it became apparent that she needed these sooner rather than later.  she’s taken an interest in more complex games, rolling a ball back and forth for example.  and since her basket of toys was absent of balls, i found it necessary to introduce these a little early, hoping it would prevent an accumulation of balls plastic in nature.  so far, so good.

this is the puzzle ball pattern, which can be found on ravelry in my project notes.  for more stability, i stuffed the balls with bamboo fiber fill.  i thought momentarily about adding a bell, but then realized quickly that it would confuse the cats.  and we already have one toy thief among us.  she seems to think adelaide’s toys are hers too!

this is one of the simplest projects i have made, even though it might not look so simple.  it’s a bit deceptive.  and it’s a great way to use up extra yarn that’s laying around.  the size of the ball, obviously, is determined by the width of the strips knitted and the length of those strips.  although the pattern has recommendations, i think it would be fun to play with this and let your imagination take you to different places.

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  1. August 30, 2011 5:12 am

    Beautiful!…and it looks like she is enjoying them!

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