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looking forward

August 31, 2011

contrary to popular belief, or appearances, not everything i’m knitting these days is for the girls.  take this, for instance.

this is the big lace scarf from ‘more last minute knitted gifts‘.  if you knit and you don’t have this book, go and get it immediately!  joelle is amazing! i am constantly inspired by purl soho and the purl bee.

this scarf is fun to knit for several reasons.  first, it’s a bulky weight yarn.  so, the work goes quickly.  secondly, it only requires one skein of yarn as it’s a short scarf meant to provide the warmth and style without the bulk.  so it’s cost effective too.  yet, with the right yarn, it makes such a stunning impact.  i’ve knit a couple of these now, and they are always fun and easy and satisfying.  if you’re not pregnant and prone to car sickness, i would swear this is a perfect road trip project.

this, by the way, is meant for a very lucky someone for christmas.  christmas already? yes yes.  with two little ones, i must store this stuff away like a little chipmunk.  if i wait until after new babe is born, i’ll never be able to produce what i can now, and therefore won’t be able to give the homemade gifts i treasure so much.  so i work work work like a busy beaver, putting away for the wintry days ahead. (too many animal analogies?)  and any way, in this manner i can extend the magic of the holiday season as i plan and savor each gift, and the looks on the faces of the loved ones who will receive them.

it’s more than knitting.  it’s an addiction.  it’s a way of life.  it’s the one thing that gets me through each and every day.

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  1. September 1, 2011 12:09 pm

    Thank you for the similar scarf!! It will keep me warm during the long days of winter just like the fur keeps a bear warm during his long days of winter hibernation! :)

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