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oh boy

September 1, 2011

it was one of those days.  everything went wrong.  crying wouldn’t stop.  everything was a fight.  ugh.  i just wanted to give up.

some days are just like this.  not everything is perfect and sunny all the time.  no matter how much you love your children, days like these are trying and frustrating.  i could blame adelaide, but really it’s my fault in the end.

when days don’t go as happily as i would like, it’s me who is at fault.  i determine how to handle the situation.  i determine how short my temper is.  sometimes i even create the situations to begin with, like not shutting a baby gate quickly enough, or not recognizing the tiredness in my little girl’s eyes, or not understanding the signals for ‘no more food please’.

in these moments, i need to learn, and to forgive.  sometimes it can be incredibly difficult, as a mother, to forgive yourself for the little mishaps.  i know i beat them about my head at night.  but the fact is that my sweet babe, by the end of the day, has already forgiven me for all my trespasses, maybe even moments after each incident.   in her eyes, i am absolved.  and i must learn to do the same with myself.  besides, there’s nothing that a tiny hug and some quiet knitting time can’t cure.  and by the end of the evening, i at least don’t feel so beat up.

oh, it was one of those days…

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  1. September 1, 2011 12:12 pm

    :( *hug*……..

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