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September 2, 2011

oooohh.  someone very special is going to receive something made out of my new favorite yarn!  it’s called flicker by berroco.  and it is difficult to capture on camera, but there are lots of little silver specks running through the yarn that makes the piece shimmer and sparkle as it moves.

this pattern is the begbie cowl by jane richmond.  it so easy to knit.  i completed this in a matter of two nights.  no problem.  it also only takes one skein to complete.  so, it is cost effective.  and so stylish, and brilliantly beautiful, i know someone quite lovely is going to wear this well.

i can’t help getting ready for christmas this early.  i just can’t.  and i can’t help knitting.  what can i say?  i knit everywhere and anywhere i can.  it’s just a part of me.  and i love that it’s a functional obsession.  i can safely say that the fruit of my labors go towards some good.  my husband is a veterinarian.  and it so much a part of who he is.  this is my career.  this is what i do.  and i love it.

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