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thank you

February 9, 2012

:: for bearing with me while we return to a new sense of ‘normal’

:: for supporting us through these beautiful moments of transition

:: for continuing to support this blog, though i have been a neglectful host

slowly, very slowly, things are beginning to find a rhythm around here.  it’s hard, truthfully.  we were barely parents for a year before we became responsible for two gorgeous little girls.  i’m not complaining.  i’m justifying, to myself, why i have been so absent here for so long.  balance.  it’s all about balance.

i know i have some catching up to do.  some things we’ll probably never visit – like christmas and the like.  but those fun monthly photos, we’ll be revisiting those months i’ve missed for sure.  in the mean time, each of my little darlings reached new milestones in my absence.  and i thought i would share one of those with you now.

if you know me, you already know this password.  another bare bottom video.

oh lyla.

she’s such a funny little thing.  i swear it’s as if something has possessed her.  i know this is true: lyla is happy unless she’s not. and more often than not, she’s quite flustered.  she’s just a very sensitive and sweet little girl.  and so far, there are a few things she’s especially NOT liked.  being on her stomach is one of those things.  and so, it hasn’t surprised me that it’s taken her so long to want to roll over.  but it’s funny, you know?  she didn’t attempt to roll over until yesterday, crying all the while.  and now, she’s accomplished it so quickly, just-like-that, crying all the while because the end result is tummy time.  but man… she’s like totally possessed.  i’ve never seen someone so determined to conquer.  and i guess i admire that.  shouldn’t we all strive for new heights, even if the consequences won’t necessarily be our favorite thing.  sometimes it’s the growth, it’s the journey, that really matters.

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  1. Grandma Carolyn permalink
    February 10, 2012 1:22 pm

    Thank you, Lauren for posting again! Love the top peek given by Adelaide. I think Lyla may just be super sensitive to sounds. But with the “roll over” she probably just didn’t like the feel of having her arm trapped! Once she masters the art of freeing her limbs she’ll be rolling all over! SSSooooo cute!!!!

    • lolocreatives permalink*
      February 10, 2012 8:40 pm

      yes, it was time to post again. thank you to all, especially those who were so patient. i really appreciate it. as for lyla… i think i can safely say that she is definitely indiscriminately sensitive. yes, as you point out, carolyn, she is sensitive to noise. but other things bother her equally, if not more. for instance, strong scents, including perfumes and hairspray, are often upsetting. other things would include loud venues, filled with people she is unfamiliar. this would include parties and malls and grocery stores. babies are very sensitive, especially to smells. this is one of the ways they know who their parents are. artificial scents can be upsetting. lyla seems particularly sensitive to those things – things that can be overwhelming. she starts to shake. she turns red. she is so sweet and so lovely. but she is a very sensitive little girl, all around. thank you for pointing this out and giving me a venue to clarify. i’m sure it’s of interest to all who love her!

  2. sagesweetgrass permalink
    February 11, 2012 9:21 am

    Before too long, Miss Lyla will be crawling!!!!

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