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a milestone for adelaide

February 11, 2012

oh there are too little beds and too many people in my house.  and that means that we must play musical chairs with the beds until all is straightened out.  i feel bad for adelaide, knowing that her lot in life might always be maturity before her time, sometimes willingly and sometimes not.  i’ve lived that life and it’s not an easy road.  and here, of course is an example.

look ma! no rails!

as you can see now, also, she’s not so enthused by the camera.  hmm… getting a little big for her britches already.

lyla is sleeping in a co-sleeper in our bedroom.  co-sleepers really are such lovely things.  i know i assuredly won’t roll on top of my child and yet, i can have her as close as i need (okay, want) her.  but, now that she’s a bit older, her sleep patterns have changed.  and our sharing a room is disturbing those natural rhythms.  so, it’s time to move into a new bedroom, all on her own.

but, before we do that, miss adelaide has a little growing up to do.

we started, first, by introducing the big girl bedroom – a place where all her things are kept and she can play to her heart’s desire.  this has been most successful, and all have been happy, even mama.

the other day, we took the front rail off the crib and lined the floor with dental chair pads (hmm… having a dentist as an in-law can be quite handy!).  this is in prep for a toddler bed, which will replace her crib.  i think she’s actually less likely to fall out of a toddler bed than this crib.  but, we’re taking things in small steps.  has she fallen out?  yes.  but, it’s part of life.  i have a distinct memory as a child of feeling like i was falling off a cliff.  i opened my eyes and i was lying on the bedroom floor.  and this was in grade school!

oh, and nap time?  not so smooth… but i just keep putting her back in bed, over and over and over again.  and she kicks and screams all the while, which i affectionately call her kangaroo kick.  it takes less and less time to get her to stay in bed.  so, things are moving in the right direction – for all of us, really.

arg! she’s getting so big already!

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  1. sagesweetgrass permalink
    February 11, 2012 9:23 am

    Oh, so big!! Do you think we should take the side rail off the crib here? Thanks for sharing!

  2. sagesweetgrass permalink
    February 11, 2012 9:24 am

    You’ve inspired me to start blogging again!

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