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some play time

February 15, 2012

for christmas, adelaide acquired a wooden kitchen.  some might say she’s a little young for this type of play.  but, i think she uses it as her imagination suits her.

she isn’t necessarily mimicking my movements in the kitchen.  but she is busy opening the cabinets. taking things out. putting things back in.  carrying around the different food items and exploring their textures. using a bowl and spoon and figuring out how to get it to  her mouth all on her own.

it’s been good for her.  and what’s good for her is good for all of us.

(btw, because i know you’ll ask: the chair is courtesy of grammie for christmas, and that apron is a throwback to my own childhood.)

(oh, and can anyone else tell how much in love i am with the new ‘1960’s’ feel picasa now offers? love it!)

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