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whole food kitchen

March 11, 2012

i am so excited to share with you an adventure i began six weeks ago.  we’re already at the half way point in this incredible workshop, the whole food kitchen.  i saw this workshop featured on soulemama and i just couldn’t ignore it.  i visited heather’s website several times, read and reread the descriptions.  then a birthday came and went and i decided it was the perfect gift to give myself.

i found that i was eating things i couldn’t share with my daughter.  i would eat fast food in front of her, and she wanted what i had.  i refused to give it to her, telling her, and myself, that it was unhealthy and undesirable.  but, if that was really true, why was i eating it at all?  how could i justify it?  it was so hypocritical.

so, i signed up for the workshop.  and it has really changed things.  the workshop includes practice steps, modules, videos, a forum, and 120 recipes.  each week, i use the modules to build my shopping list.  over the last six weeks, i haven’t cooked or baked a single meal that didn’t come from this workshop.  and honestly, everything has been spectacular – in flavor and texture and in wholesomeness.  it has satisfied us in ways i can’t even begin to describe.  my daughter tries a little bit of everything.  some things she likes and some she doesn’t.  but she’s not even two years old.  so, i take that in to consideration.

i recognize these pictures are not the greatest.  (for instance, food does not look so appealing in the 1960’s tint, but it helps hide my poor lighting… etc)  anyway, these photos are examples of things derived from the workshop.  and if you like what you see, and what you read, you should sign up for the next available workshop.  i highly recommend it.  you won’t be disappointed!  it can be as little or as much as you desire, and the change can take three weeks, three months, or three years.  but, changing to a whole food lifestyle has definitely turned my world upside down.

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