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baby o

March 31, 2012
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you may not  have heard, but we have acquired yet another baby in our family.  she’s actually not that much trouble.  but she does all the regular things other babies do.  she eats and drinks, sits in her highchair, travels in car seats, gets a diaper change or two.  she is well taken care of, specifically by her new mama, adelaide.  and we are all amused by this new addition.

adelaide has received so much generosity from family over the past year and a half.  and her room was full of toys and stuffed animals.  in an effort to keep things a little more simple, i put away most of the animals and dolls, leaving a select few out for play.  and it was at that very moment, when i was putting away and cleaning up the various dolls, that adelaide noticed baby O.  perhaps she saw the special attention i was giving her, cleaning off years of grime and dirt.  perhaps it was her now naked doll body that fascinated her.  i cannot say.  but it was in that moment that adelaide and baby O became inseparable.

baby O is a hard plastic doll from the 1960s.  it was my mine as a little girl and my mother’s before that.  her eyes blink open and close.  and she is pose-able.  she can strike quite a move from time to time.  her name?  that was adelaide’s choice, believe it or not.  she named her and decided that baby O must do all the things a normal baby does.  and she is a constant – at meal time, bath time, play time, bed time.  baby O is always there to join in the fun.

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