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strawberry picking

May 25, 2012

it’s a yearly tradition.  we go to schacht family farm and pick strawberries.  this year, knowing the weather has been strange, we caught the picking in the first weeks.  the fields were lush.  even with kids strapped to our backs, the picking was easy.  i always make strawberry jam.  some years it has been good.  others were not so good.  last year was especially runny.  the set was poor.  perhaps not enough pectin.  or i was daydreaming while the jam cooked.  i ended up using it as a topping on ice cream and pancakes, due to my pregnancy cravings.  and it was perfect for a new eater and her pb & j’s.  so things worked out in the end.  still, this year i was determined to get things right.  i tried a new recipe from food in jars. this strawberry recipe used vanilla beans.  i was intrigued.  and i must say, it is HEAVEN in a jar. if you stop my way, i might be kind enough to give you a jar.  (but maybe not… it’s THAT good…)

i didn’t get good pictures of picking.  i was all business in the fields this year.  but i did get lyla eating her first strawberries.  seems to like them.

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  1. Aunt Karen permalink
    May 27, 2012 10:10 pm

    I love that picture of Lyla! So cute!

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