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simple toys

June 23, 2012

from the beginning, we’ve believed in simplicity when it comes to children and their surroundings.  and toys are no exception.  and so, sometimes a simple mama-made project, which takes almost no time at all, is the perfect fix for a rather uneventful day.  i found, through my research on types of schooling, a book that is so dear to me.  Creative Play for Your Toddler has a multitude of simple and imaginative projects.  i love the ease.  time is precious for me and so projects, these days, must happen in a matter of hours – not days or weeks.  also, the simple nature of the projects allows adelaide to explore through her imagination.

if you were afraid i had forgotten lyla, never fear.  how could i create for adelaide and leave out lyla?  and since ribbons seemed to be the order of the day, i tackled a tiny project i’d been eying for a long time.  lyla, as it turns out, is nothing like her sister. (imagine that!)  while adelaide loved all varieties of wooden toys, lyla seems to prefer softer objects.  i had noticed a while ago that blankets with ribbon edging, called ‘tag blankets’ or, more annoyingly, ‘taggies’, had become all the rage in the crafting world.  and while the project never fit adelaide, it was perfect for lyla.  this is nothing more than cuts of ribbon that have been sandwiched between two giant squares of fabric.  thus the project makes a blanket that emulates the tags on so many toys and products that babies seem drawn to.  i had wanted to really do this justice, but time and money got the better of me.  i did what i could with what i had on hand, which is nice in some respects.  and i’ve heard no complaints from lyla.  maybe i’ll make another with a better color scheme.  maybe.  for more instructions, you can see this book.  lotta’s carefree approach to crafting for children is a favorite of mine.

*also, please excuse feathers, the goose.  he is everywhere these days.  sigh…

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  1. June 23, 2012 10:24 am

    i love this post and i love the girls’ new toys. people would be surprised how simple of a thing you can give to a wee one and how much they will get out of it. i remember at easter time getting so aggravated when my facebook newsfeed was littered with people’s photos of what the easter bunny brought their kids, thinking it was cute and saying things like “i think the easter bunny needed a bigger basket!” people are ridiculous. to put it in perspective, rudy got 2 books, both from the clearance section of half priced books.

    also, i was laughing out loud when i read your part above that said “or, more annoyingly, ‘taggies’”, hahah, completely on the same page :)

    • lolocreatives permalink*
      June 23, 2012 10:20 pm

      i agree. for easter, the girls each got two books, and several mama-made things. *no candy* and no plastic. we did need bigger baskets, but only because sometimes mama gets a little carried away crafting. but these toys were so simple to make. this book is really meant for everyone and anyone. it doesn’t take much creativity. still, i really believe that everyone is creative, in their heart of hearts. you might not be in touch with it… but that’s a different story. and so, keeping toys simple will hopefully allow my children to grow up preserving as much of that creativity as possible.
      ahhh…. and yes… some words are soooooo annoying! taggies. yuck! oh and panties! double yuck!!

  2. Angela Painter permalink
    June 23, 2012 11:18 am

    Oh, I wish I could be that creative. Good for you. I personally would like to get rid of about a third of the toys we have. It is just ridiculous. I rarely buy toys. I buy books, clothes, art supplies, stuff like that, and I try to encourage others to do that too. People just want to buy them toys though.

    • lolocreatives permalink*
      June 23, 2012 10:16 pm

      people do want to get them toys and other things. but it’s important, i believe, as a parent, to stand your ground. if you have a parenting philosophy, you have to stick by it. if those toys don’t fit the bill, they go back to the store, or get donated. i don’t want to say we’re snobby about toys. we’re really not. but i refuse to let my house get filled with useless plastic. it’s a personal choice – for environmental reasons, for health reasons, for child development reasons. the more natural the toy, the better. and no electronic toys or tv. it makes for some creative and interesting days. and one tired mama. but, it’s the right thing for us.

  3. June 25, 2012 9:40 am

    I just got the book Creative Play for your Toddler for my birthday and have been making the fishing set for my son. It gives me so much pleasure when he choses the toys I’ve made for him over other toys he has. We are in a process of simplifying and reducing the quantity of stuff in our home, especially the toys, mostly keeping those that are made of natural materials.

    I love the look on your daughter’s face as she enjoys the tagged blanket you made!

    • lolocreatives permalink*
      June 25, 2012 10:19 am

      i’ve had my eye on that fishing set for a while. perhaps i should give it a shot. looks like fun!

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