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good books

June 25, 2012

when i introduce a new topic to adelaide, i like to provide a variety of books for her to peruse.  even something as simple as the changing of the seasons warrants books to explore.  when we installed the garden, i immediately logged in to amazon and started researching good books that i could find used.

here are the garden books she’s been reading lately:

:: Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert – this is a board book.  so it’s good for very young kids.  it features the basics of different types of planting – bulbs, seeds and seedlings.  it also talks about color in the garden and introduces different plant names and their associated colors.

:: Spring by Gerda Muller – this is a beautiful board book.  there are no words.  instead, it is a series of pictures that depict typical scenes from the spring – baby animals, stormy weather, spring flowering trees, cold weather crops.  there are so  many details and can spark so many conversations.

:: Jack’s Garden by Henry Cole – the illustrations in this book are beautiful and detailed.  adelaide especially loves the slug.  the words are rhythmic and fun, building upon themselves with each page.

:: A Gardener’s Alphabet by Mary Azarian – Mary is a woodblock artist and each letter of the alphabet is represented by a beautiful block print scene.  the pictures are so colorful and enticing.

:: Inch by Inch, The Garden Song by David Mallett – adelaide adores this book!  because it’s a song, she is easily drawn into the book.  i often find her singing the song even when we’re not looking at the book.

:: Up, Down, and Around by Katherine Ayres – this book is very simple and to the point.  there aren’t many words, but the words convey the concepts perfectly.  because toddlers often have short attention spans, this book is great for getting the point across in a small amount of time.  it is also rhythmic and fun.  and the pictures are silly and detailed.

:: How Groundhog’s Garden Grew by Lynne Cherry – there are a lot of words in this book.  and it talks about things like seed saving and composting in more detail than normal picture books.  so this is good for a captive audience (like a bed time book), or for older children.  that being said, adelaide loves the pictures.  they are very detailed and life-like.  even though she might not have the attention for the words, she will sit and go through the pictures on her own.

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