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rainbow bridge tunics

September 4, 2012

the summer is waning.  and this can only mean one thing for our little family: celebration season has started!  besides the obvious holiday season, there are birthdays aplenty!  and we kick off this special time of year with lyla’s first birthday.  planning is underway to make it an amazing day.  many ideas were kicked around.  and being new to all this waldorf thinking, and general parenting, some ideas were better than others.  but, i think we’ve finally settled on the rainbow bridge story.  and oh, there will be rainbow cake and color every where!  it will be glorious!

but let’s start at a more humble place: the clothes one should wear to such an occasion.  i had decided long ago that each year the girls should receive a hand knit sweater for christmas time.  last year, you might remember, each received a ‘springtime in hollis’ sweater , and then of course couldn’t wear them because it is just soooo hot when the whole gang gets together in such a small space.  there was a lot of crying and sweaty little faces.  it made me a little sad.  but, i think circumstances have changed on that front, and i am determined to continue the tradition.  and then, i thought i might even expand it. i found that idea to extend to their birthdays too.  and so, the birthday tunic was born.

obviously, these photos were taken before the dresses were completely finished.  the ends need to be woven in and i still need to finish knitting the second larger dress.  you can find more information on my ravelry page: bloom.  this is a wonderful pattern because size is determined by weight of yarn and size of needle.  all sizes are knit with the same number of stitches/same pattern.  the top bodice is knit in a ‘knit 1/purl 1’ ribbing, which is extremely stretchy.  and this allows the piece to grow with the child.  while, initially, the piece may be worn as a dress, the stretch in the bodice will allow it to be worn longer, as a tunic and then a shirt.  so ingenious!

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  1. Laura permalink
    September 4, 2012 8:56 pm

    Goodness me Lauren – you are so gifted! Such beautiful work! Just amazes me!!!!

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