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September 11, 2012

another pair of mittens came off the needles last week.  when the first mitten was done, i immediately let adelaide put the mitten on.  she has a fondness for the book ‘The Mitten’ by Jan Brett (hence why she calls her grandmother Baba).  and so, she was thrilled to have a mitten just like Nicki, and went about her morning activities with one mitten on.  eventually, the mitten had to ‘go to bed and wait for it’s sister to arrive before it could play again.’  and, of course, as soon as the pair was complete, she was giddy with excitement.

i have yet to put the little buttons on as eyes.  and i don’t even think she’s noticed the owls.  but, i have.  and they’re darn cute!  this pattern is super sweet and easy.  you can find all my notes on ravelry.  the yarn is by lorna’s laces – colorway sherbert.  the pattern was originally written for an adult woman.  i had to size down for a child.  the pink color is perfect.  in fact, i think it might be her favorite.  it is still, to this day, the only color adelaide can accurately pick out of a crowd.  blues and reds and yellows get all mixed up, but pink… sigh… she knows that one perfectly.  (i also hear, ‘wear a preddy dwess?’ more frequently than i would like as well… sigh… what can i say? she knows her heart.)

{here she is with just the first mitten.  she was so excited i barely took two pictures before she was off to the races, touching everything with just the one mitten, like Nicki}

{then, she got both the mittens and was extra excited.  but i managed a few more photos.  finally, i had to pretend her mittens were ‘glued’ to the couch to get her to stand still. ahh… to be so young and so full of energy.}

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