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October 2, 2012

sorry for the absence.  we went away.  and then, we lost internet access.  and then we got sick.  ugh.  so, life has been uninteresting and full of impossibilities.  in the mean time, we’ve done a lot of prep for birthdays.  i’ll share more about that later.  but, right now, some lunch time pictures from when we were sick.  i was lucky to dodge the bullet.  i attribute that to Emergen-C, the neti pot, and my green smoothies.  (did i mention i got a vitamix for my anniversary??)  life has been so good since i restarted my morning smoothie routine.  there’s really nothing like whole fruits and greens first thing in the morning.

i’ve been thinking a lot about natural remedies.  i found this very interesting recipe for elderberry elixir which is very intriguing.  i may need to place an order with my favorite bulk herb resource.

hmm… i’m very ‘link oriented’ today.  i suppose i’ll spare you any more rambling and get on with the photos… :)

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