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play time

October 5, 2012

sometimes, the moments of waiting provide the most beautiful opportunities to learn about the world around us.  i am in awe of these moments.  this was a day, gorgeous, right before autumn blew in.  and it did seem to just blow right in, as if someone turned on a switch and all of a sudden the trees sprang to life in a riot of color.  but right before that day, there was this moment.  when life is slow, when the hurry of crafting for one event or the next is put aside, there are tiny tidbits, opportunities to catch the light in someone’s eyes, to see the wonder at treasures in hand, to feel the sturdy ground beneath our feet.  i am not accustomed to such pleasures, as i am always busying myself with one project or another.  there are hardly moments for me to breathe. perhaps it is because in all this great glory of life, i find myself alone, often.  and, i mean ‘alone’ in all manner of ways, sometimes even in a crowd.  ‘busy’ means never having to think about the obviously.  but when i let myself, for just one second, see – really see- the world about me, i find splendor and love and curiosity every where.

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  1. Donna Rodriguez permalink
    October 5, 2012 9:09 am

    Thank you, Lauren. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.

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