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October 9, 2012

at our zoo, there is a large north american wildlife exhibit.  and it’s fun to see these animals out and active when it might be too cold for the tropical types.  they seem to be in love with fall too.

if you don’t already know, i have a slight bias towards and obsession with north american wildlife.  the moose. the grizz.  the otter.  the fox.  all are so beautiful, my heart breaks.  i was the kid who ‘adopted’ wolves and wild mustang as birthday gifts each year. (to be fair, these were often gifts from my loving grandmother, whom i adore beyond words. but still…)

so, here are my two favorites: fall and native wildlife.

(at first, i was angry about the glass between me and this photo. why so many water spots? but when  you see just how HUGE these guys are, it kind of makes you thankful for that glass, water spots and all.)

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