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October 10, 2012

the colors at the park are so vivid these days.  i am enjoying the beauty.  lyla has become quite the climber.  and adelaide is refining her skills too.  she’s been tackling the rock walls.  the weather has cooled a little.  jackets and socks all around.  i’ve been working on some more knitting projects, which i’ll share later this week.  color is everywhere.

as a working professional, i always thought black and gray and brown and cream were the best rainbow.  and then i became a mom, and discovered the rainbow was a much wider spectrum.  i love mixing prints and patterns.  i love warm colors – oranges, pinks and yellows, all mixed together.  but i have a secret penchant for everything truly rainbow.  yes, roygbv in all its glory.  and when the earth shows its uplifting pattern and color changes, i am stirred to the core.

when my children are out in the world, when they see the bee buzzing around golden rod, or when they are mesmerized by the vivacious red of leaves, i know i am doing the right thing with them.  this path we are walking, it is the right one.

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