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1 year old

October 22, 2012

over the weekend, my sweet sweet sweet lyla turned one. ONE!  my gosh.  where has time gone?  it hardly seems possible that she could be so old.

i am possessive of both my girls, for sure, but lyla particularly.  she is more sensitive, more cuddly.  she needs to be held and reassured often.  i love that i can provide this for her.  and i love her dearly.

she started life with a bang.  her pregnancy was so quick and unplanned.  her birth was so fast i hardly knew what was happening.  and her first cries (and many afterward) were, ‘you’d better believe i’m going to be heard!!’  no doubt, we heard her!! after that moment, she was on the fast track.  keeping up with her sister became her number one priority.  at five months, she was crawling.  at nine months, she was walking.

she is, by all accounts, amazing.  and i love her.

it is, no doubt, just a little sad that this is our last ‘1st year monthly photo’.  i will miss this, of course.  it’s been two straight years of monthly photos, laid out on the bed, giggling and entertaining, trying to keep new babies from crying and trying to keep older ones to stay still.  maybe some day we’ll have more children.  for now, we’ve got all we can handle.  our cup runs over.  we are blessed.

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  1. October 22, 2012 1:59 pm

    happy birthday, precious little Lyla!

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