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birthday details

October 23, 2012

i wanted lyla’s first birthday to be special.  i spent weeks and days planning.

it wasn’t as special as it could have been.  it wasn’t what i planned.

her birthday fell on the day after we returned from an out of state trip (more on that later!).  the kids were staying at my parents’ house.  the drive back to ohio took all day.  we arrived around midnight.  the next morning, d drove home.  he had work.  and i woke up with the kids.  we started our day.  but, because we weren’t at home, all the special things for lyla’s birthday were left behind.  (i didn’t even get to read her special birthday verse the night before. the crown we ordered from london hadn’t yet arrived.)  we did some errands and then started the long drive home.  such a long drive for such a little girl. what a way to spend the day… it just did not go as planned.  it was a day that was supposed to be about lyla, and it wasn’t.  this is what i had feared.

having two children so close together, i wanted to offer lyla the same beautiful things adelaide had received.  adelaide’s birthday was so magical.  lyla deserved the same.  but, for all my planning and hoping and wishing and dreaming, life took over.  it was out of my control.

maybe some day she’ll read these words and know, feel, how much i wanted for her.  i did so much to make it magical. (and, to be fair, there is still a huge family birthday party to come, which will be grand and fun and full of yummy food. but still…  you only get one crack at THE actual first birthday for each child…)

and any way, i don’t want to dwell on the negative.  although, i’ll always be honest.  so let’s move on and start with the preparation – because it was mighty!

last year, for adelaide’s birthday, i created reusable gift bags for wrapping.  but, it was kind of free form, based on suggestions i had read about on another blog.  and it didn’t feel right.  i wanted to create a real drawstring bag, and one with some punch!  that was part of what i had been unhappy with the year before.  i had used a printed fabric from the craft store and it didn’t feel authentic.

{picutres are from adelaide’s 1st birthday in 2011}

this year, i wanted to dye the bags myself.  so, i sewed up the drawstring bags.  and d and i dyed the bags together, creating tie-dye bags with standard craft store dye.

i wanted the colors to be more subtle than they are.  and i really wanted to dye with natural plant materials.  but, time didn’t allow it.  so, craft store dye it was.  and they are bright and fun, and will be used for so many many years to come.  i’ll probably add more, and i’ll probably take the time to use plant dyes, or water colors to try something more subtle.  and when i do, i’ll let you know how it turns out.  i also used craft string instead of rubber bands so that the resistance wasn’t great.  some white spaces were left, but not many.  i like the look.

i also created window stars for each window downstairs.  many people make these out of kite paper.  maybe someday i’ll buy some kite paper.  but, i always save tissue paper from gifts we have received.  so, this project was free, and so delightful!  the stars are so easy to create.  perhaps i’ll post a tutorial later.  when adhered to a window, the light from outside does marvelous things.  it creates a very celebratory atmosphere, in deed.  before i left for my trip, i made sure each window was adorned with stars.  i know there are better angles i could have used when taking these photos.  why i didn’t think of it earlier, i’m not sure. darn those houses next door! ;)

the birthday ring was dusted off and set up.  the birthday book/story was brought out. all the gifts were ‘wrapped’.

a cake was made, and frozen, so that we could partake when we returned home.  it’s the apple spice cake.  last year, i made my favorite strawberry cupcake recipe.  it was a hit.  but, it was also full of sugar.

{pictures of adelaide’s first birthday cake from 2011}

i wanted to go a different route this year.  yep!  a completely sugar-free cake! (i can hear you all saying, ‘i don’t buy it‘ silently in your heads.)  but, it really was delicious and both the girls devoured it.

well, any way, all the plans were laid.  next post, i’ll share some photos of lyla’s actual birthday. (i decided to include a few pictures of adelaide’s first birthday as a comparison and because i didn’t share them last year.  i never actually addressed adelaide’s birthday last year because lyla was newly born and the photos were poor in quality.  but adelaide deserves a shout out too, don’t you think?)

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  1. Lesley permalink
    October 23, 2012 9:17 am

    Love the window stars. Would like to know how to make them, if you have time to share.

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