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October 25, 2012

we decided to take a trip.

… this was a thing of beauty, for the most part.  let’s just say it was well worth the wait and well deserved.

since becoming a mom two years ago, i have barely spent a night away from my girls.  i think i’ve seen three movies in the theater.  being a mother is a wonderful job, but it’s also a 24/7 job, and a break was overdue.

i think the timing could have been better, particularly with lyla’s birthday, but d’s schedule is so limited in some ways.  and here, he had a luxurious amount of time off.  we just couldn’t let it slip by.

we’ve worked so hard for so long.  and so, we treated ourselves to a whirlwind trip to vermont.  yes, that’s 14+ hours by car.  but, the car ride was part of the fun.  so many deep conversations to be had.

now, if truth be told, there was an ulterior motive.  we’ve been longing to move.  to where?  well, that’s just it.  where?  and so, we’ve been looking at places which offer waldorf schools.  vermont was one of those places.  you can visit the AWSNA website for a complete list.

upon arrival, we were so graciously welcomed into the school we decided to visit.  really, with open arms.  it felt amazing.  the visit was really the pinnacle of the trip.  the smiles on the children’s faces.  the beautiful choral music.  the rhythm of the day.  the smell of baking apples.  skeins of hand dyed yarn and beginnings of socks.  i could have moved into that school and squirreled a little home for myself.

we stayed in Stowe, which is a little tourist town geared towards skiing.  but the resort and spa was topnotch.  i even splurged on a facial.  it was glorious.  everything was ‘fireside’ and cozy.  the leaves were just past their peak, but still full of golden warmth.

visiting the school took up most of the trip, along with wine tasting (which we always do wherever we visit), and eating lots of local food.  might i recommend the farmhouse tap and grill in burlington?  it seems that vermont is obsessed with ‘local’ and there are plenty of places serving up local dishes.  but the farmhouse seemed to be the best.  they served up a ‘beet tartare’ that was beyond explanation.

there is a bit of a tourist trap in Waterbury.  since we had never been to vermont, we spent some time there.  you can visit green mountain coffee, lake champlain chocolates, cabot cheddar, cold hollow cider and danforth pewter, for starters.  but the ‘piece de resistance’ had to be the ben and jerry’s factory tour.  many of  the pictures i took are from that area.  it would not have been possible to take photos of the school.  so, the photo opportunities were limited.

i was definitely feeling relaxed as drove out of town.  thanks vermont for such a lovely time.

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  1. October 25, 2012 6:31 am

    I wanna go there now!! :)

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