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a smoothie recipe

October 29, 2012

having just returned from vermont, and having just picked apples, and having just enjoyed the fall weather more than anyone can possible imagine, i turned my morning smoothie into a real treat! let’s celebrate the apple and the taste of fall!

first, let me say that i can’t gush enough about how much i love my morning green smoothies.  i try to make smart choices when it comes to meals, especially for my kids.  but, being a mom for me often means skipped meals and poorly planned meals.  i might not get a chance to eat much fruit or veg through out the day.  a green smoothie every morning (i’m talking an entire mason jar full) ensures i get spinach/kale, an assortment of fruits and many cups of water right off the bat.  it’s a great way to start the day, and i actually crave it.  i follow the recommendation of eating nothing 40 minutes before or after i drink the smoothie to allow for maximum absorption.

using greens means that i can eat something ‘sweet’ and still get a lot of nutrition.  i really like this especially when it comes to the kids.  they often turn their noses up at veg.  i always offer it, but i rest a little sounder knowing they’ve got spinach or kale or whatever , first thing in the morning, and they don’t even know it.

and trust me, i’m not about deception in cooking.  some might disagree, but i don’t really think that hiding the vegetables from kids is a good way to help them form healthy relationships with food.  a carrot is a carrot – not a puree hidden in a sauce somewhere.  a little puree added to a sauce here and there is a good way to boost nutrient content.  but, i want my kids to like broccoli – not broccoli covered in cheese.

that being said, i still want to make sure they get their servings of fruits and vegetables every day.  a smoothie helps.  i don’t disguise it.  they often watch or help me make it.  they see the greens going in.  it’s not a secret.  i like that they can help put it together if they want.

depending on the fruit you use, the smoothie is often a vibrant green color, which can be strange to some.  this recipe is no exception.  my kids aren’t bothered by the color.  but, other kids might be, and i would suggest putting it in an opaque glass until they get used to the idea.  i have also found, particularly with sippy cups, that drinking smoothies with a straw is king.  you seem to get fuller faster when you gulp verses sipping from a straw, so you don’t drink as much and don’t get as much nutrient content.  sippy cups seem to get clogged with the bits of berries and nuts.  straws don’t generally have a problem getting clogged.

in the interest of full disclosure, i should mention that i do have a vitamix and this makes a difference.  chunky smoothies are gross.  when i drink a smoothie, i want it to be smooth – hence ‘smooth’ie… just sayin’.  the vitamix is very powerful.  the stars of this recipe are apples and pears.  a vitamix can handle blending these fruits, minus the seeds, as fairly whole pieces of fruit.  if you don’t have a vitamix, remember the following: pick soft ripe pears, like a bosc and think about apple alternatives.  what do i mean by that?  maybe  you can finely dice the apples first to give the blender a head start.  maybe you have a juicer and can juice the apples first and then just add the juice to the blender.  or maybe you’ll need to settle for pure unfiltered apple juice.

i also use raw cashews in this smoothie.  if you have a nut allergy, leave them out, or sub some of the water for soy milk to your liking.  if you don’t have a vitamix, it helps to soaks the nuts overnight in the fridge to soften them.

lastly, i call for medjool dates in this recipe.  they impart sweetness and also give it a caramel flavor.  take the pits out before you blend and soak the dates in warm water for 20 minutes if they seem too hard.

download fall apple smoothie recipe

2 apples, cored (honeycrisp is nice)

2 pears, cored, soft and ripe

1 cup baby spinach – or more to your taste

3 cups water

¼ cup raw cashews (soaked overnight)

4 mejdool dates (soaked for 20 minutes in warm water)

2 teaspoons maple syrup

½ teaspoon vanilla

2 generous pinches apple pie spice


If you have a high powered blender, put all ingredients in the blender and whiz.


If you have a regular blender, blend the cashews and water first.  Then, add the soaked dates.  Add the rest of the ingredients and whirr.  You may need to blend for several minutes to get the right consistency.  Be aware that apples tend to foam when blended.


Also, just a moment to say happy birthday to my mom. she is a light in the darkness, constantly.  i am lost with this beautiful and bright star.

love you.

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  1. October 29, 2012 8:54 pm

    That looks like one spunky woman!!!

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