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goodbye garden

November 8, 2012

the other day, i started to put the garden to bed for the winter.  we harvested a few final things, including parsnips and leeks.  new straw was laid on the paths.  and  i planted some garlic.  the girls had a good time wielding a shovel and getting their hands dirty.  i had lofty ideas of row covers and cold frames.  i wanted extended harvests.  but, when the holiday season mindset took over, funds quickly dried up.  so, this year, we probably won’t be featuring homegrown vegetables on the holiday table.  but it was so much fun while it lasted.  and i can’t wait for next year.  lyla most certainly will be able to participate in her own way next summer.  and i anticipate adelaide having a little bed of her own – something simple like marigolds, beans and basil.  in january, i look forward to introducing a strong sense of rhythm in our house, and i am even more excited for ‘garden days’ to be a part of that.

until then, i’ll eagerly wait for january and february, the days of seed catalog perusal and planning.  tucked in bed on a chilly winter night with a mug of tea and a handful of tempting seed catalogs is enough to keep any one warm.

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