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little dolls for little girls

February 13, 2013

i have always loved this about waldorf education: the doll is an outward extension of the self.  it should be simple and made of natural materials.  cotton and wool are preferred.  the simplicity allows the child to imagine a multitude of facial features and expressions.  a child will often use the dolls to act out the experiences she/he has had.  it is another opportunity for imaginative play and creation.

when i saw my first waldorf doll, like so many others, i couldn’t help but think about how magical it seemed.  and i knew that i would make a doll for each of my girls some day.  ok… i really wanted to make these dolls.  so, i decided they would make the perfect christmas gift.  it was definitely a big undertaking.  the embroidery of the face is what shapes the doll’s character and i studied many different styles before settling on something i felt was right.  i taught myself to crochet so that i could create a wig for the doll’s hair.  i thought hard about leaving just the crocheted cap on the head.  i knew it would better suit children 1-3 years old.  but, my crocheting adventure was not so beautiful and i needed the full wig to cover up discrepancies.  the dolls are made of cotton jersey for the skin and stuffed with wool.  their hair is made of mohair yarn.  most things were sourced from weir dolls.

i read, in one of the many books and sites i sourced, that when making a doll you should think about the intended child during the process, and it will turn out to be a perfect match for that child.  it’s funny how true that became.  lyla’s doll has a very round and full face, just like her.  the skin tones and hair are so well matched.  it’s almost comical.

in the end, i decided to give the dolls mini bloom dresses to match girls’ birthday dresses.  i know how little girls can be and matchy-matchy is often a big thing. the yarn is a selection from malabrigo, mostly leftover from the birthday dresses.

IMG_6884 IMG_6842 IMG_6848 IMG_6845

i find the dolls in all sorts of places, tucked in beds and chairs and wrapped in silk blankets.  there is a doll high chair that gets used often, or a stroller.  i used to think they would take these dolls everywhere, and i was a little sad when they did not.  but, the girls are young and it hasn’t really occurred to them that they can carry these precious dolls to different places.  so, for now, ‘Baby A’ and ‘Baby L’ live in our midst and never wander far from the bedroom.  someday, they’ll get fancy names and will accumulate more clothes and show more signs of love and wear.  but for now, they’re perfect just as they are.  and i couldn’t love them more.

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  1. February 13, 2013 8:42 am

    They are, indeed, perfect.

  2. February 21, 2013 3:57 pm

    What sweet dolls! I love to make Waldorf dolls, too. They truly are magical

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