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february is long

February 20, 2013

winter is seemingly long when you have young children cooped up in the house.  the month of february is even longer.  maybe it’s because march is a stone’s throw away, and the seed packets are piling up and bags of dirt are beckoning.  maybe it’s because easter seems just on the horizon and crafts are being planned and ideas schemed.  everything is on the cusp, if only february would get out of the way.

february takes other tolls.  the weather seems to be all over the map.  one day is gloriously warm.  the next day is snowy. and snow is so beautiful… but when march is calling, i again welcome the changing of the seasons.  winter’s coat gets heavy and tiring.  i long for something lighter, something fresher.

and goodness knows, without the great wide open to explore, play time becomes a series of indoor spaces created just for kids.  and along with lots of kids comes lots of germs.  inevitably, sickness follows february like a dog, constant.  my elderberry syrup has been put to good use this winter.

and what do the kids think of all this?  they find new ways to entertain themselves.  lately, trying on clothing has become fascinating.  lyla insists on wearing adelaide’s underwear over her pants.  i have yet to snap a photo, but it’s pretty funny.  my stash of fancy and strange footwear has become a source of entertainment.  and adelaide comes up with new ways to style the clothes around her  already so proficient at putting on her clothes, she tries them in new ways, and keeps us in endless giggles.  february needs all the smiles it can get.


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  1. Carol Thornton permalink
    February 20, 2013 10:41 pm

    Lauren – you have nailed it! Just can’t wait to get my hands in rich dirt and watch the next season GROW! Enjoy what is left of February – it appears the girls are enjoying it and entertaining themselves and you! God Bless! Carol

  2. Laura permalink
    February 21, 2013 6:41 pm

    Thanks for the smile in on otherwise gloomy day!

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