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knitting for comfort

April 1, 2013

in prep for our annual trip to visit family in the maryland area, i knew some woolens would be in order.  long ago, i found this lovely pattern for diaper soakers.  i knitted several for the girls, although i seem to have forgotten to post something here about them.  the great thing about this pattern, the evie pant, is that there are so many options.  i knew that i could create simple warm woolen pants that would layer perfectly in the chilly outdoor weather.  layers are so important in the spring, as well as the fall.  the weather can change dramatically and i wanted my little ones to be prepared, as always.

both the pants knit up rather quickly, in malabrigo and manos.  and the kids love them.  they wear them so often, they’re already looking ‘worn in’.  i wish i had better photos of the pants.  perhaps i’ll catch a few tomorrow, as the girls insisted on wearing them to bed.  they were recently washed, and were drying in the loft.  the girls saw them and were immediately excited.  at bed time, the pants felt almost dry enough to wear, so i gave in.  pajama pants they are tonight!

the thing about malabrigo and manos yarn is that it is so incredibly soft.  i can imagine these pants are a perfect night time accessory on chilly spring evenings.  even d and i commented that we might like a pair of our own… hmm… perhaps a project in the works?

as always, you can find my notes about these projects on my ravelry account.

IMG_7221  IMG_7216IMG_7218IMG_7217

*if you’re wondering, are those pictures taken in a hotel? yes, my friend, they are. and this is why i apologize that they are not of better quality, set somewhere more romantic.  maybe tomorrow i’ll update this page with a few more shots. check back for more woolen cuteness.*

okay, here are a few more pics. :)

IMG_7361 IMG_7364 IMG_7372 IMG_7375 IMG_7377 IMG_7385 IMG_7388 IMG_7355 IMG_7358

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