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easter felted eggs

April 8, 2013

we are working on a belated easter project.  i had wanted to fill the house with piles of wet-felted easter eggs.  i even ordered little mini roving braids that were hand dyed so we could play with color.  but, it was an international shipment and i didn’t estimate the time it would take to get through customs.  the wool arrived after easter.  still, i thought the celebrating could continue if we stretched out the holiday activities.  so, the other morning, we set about felting some eggs.  the actual process of creating the eggs was more than either of the girls could handle on their own.  we gave them bits of roving to felt into balls.  and after we had given the eggs a good head start, we let adelaide take the reins on some of them.

the combinations and textures are surprising.  i really love how they are turning out.  because we did this as a family project, we didn’t pay super attention to detail and i think they could take a spin around the washing machine to firm up a bit.

have you felted easter eggs?  it’s enormously satisfying.  we used two pans of water: one filled with hot water and soap and one filled with very cold water.  we wrapped the plastic eggs in the wool roving (length-wise and then width-wise), squirted a little soap on them, and dunked them in the hot water.  we rubbed, rubbed, rubbed.  we squeezed, squeezed, squeezed.  every now and then, we would shock the fibers in the cold water. when they were properly felted and the fibers were locking together, we gave them a good rinse in clean cold water and set them aside.  i do think they need a bit more finessing.  i’ll probably wrap them very tightly in nylons and send them through the washing machine.  but once they are set and dry, i’ll cut a slit in the felt, pop out the plastic egg and give the raw cut edge a decorative stitch.  next year, we’ll be able to slip treats and little wooden figures in these eggs, and we’ll make more, for sure.

i can just see piles of little felt eggs in different colors scattered all over the house, some perhaps hidden by the bunny himself.  how thrilling to see these holidays anew, through the eyes of child! and how fun to create special seasonal moments together.  can you imagine if we create eggs each year how many beautiful memories we’ll have? or how many lovely mementos the kids will have from the childhood?  or how strong the idea of tradition and of seasonality will be?



the wool roving is from moss creek wool works

IMG_7440 IMG_7442

you can see d working with the wool here.  the only advice i would offer is to take the advice i didn’t.  someone somewhere very cleverly thought to add squiggles of glue to the outside of the plastic eggs in prep.  let the glue dry and they provide non-slip ridges to help keep the wool from slipping and sliding once  the felting process has started. i would definitely do that next time.

IMG_7443 IMG_7444 IMG_7446 IMG_7447 IMG_7448 IMG_7451

this is adelaide’s own special egg she is working on.  the plastic egg, unfortunately, collapsed inside and so it ended up looking more like a ball than a egg.  another word of advice: check the plastic eggs first to make sure they don’t come apart easily.  and if they do, seal them together.

IMG_7452 IMG_7453 IMG_7455 IMG_7456

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  1. April 8, 2013 9:32 am

    These are so beautiful!

  2. Paw Paw permalink
    April 8, 2013 1:14 pm

    what a great project for the kids. A family tradition in the making.

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