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screen-free week

April 29, 2013



today starts screen-free week.  our family will be taking the challenge.  fortunately, our children are already screen free.  the challenge will be mostly for d and i.  certainly, after the kids go to bed, there is a lot of internet time, and tv time, and tablet absorption.  i am hoping that we can spend more time together, without the screen, and really get to delve deeper in to our relationship.  it is so incredibly important to us both.

i have a few books lined up, and i am attempting to read some fiction after a several year hiatus.  i also have all the pieces cut for a special big girl quilt for adelaide, and i am looking forward to sharing updates on that project with you at the end of the week.

we have some game ideas in mind, and some work outdoors to do.  i think we’ll be surprised by how quickly the week passes.

we are allowing ourselves one time a day to check our email, as email is so important these days.  but, we will not be using screens for visual entertainment.  we are ‘unplugging’ life.  and so, i won’t be able to post here regularly.  but, i do have one post prepared ahead of time, which will come out later this week.  and next monday, we’ll update you on how are week went.

i invite you to take this challenge with us, especially those of you with children.  there are so many studies now that show how time in front of the TV or computer negatively affects development in children.  and let’s not even mention how kids are exposed to unnecessary violence and the sexualization of girls, and shameless commercialism and marketing.  if your child is under the age of two, the american academy of pediatrics recommends NO screen time.

i am not here to preach, by any means. but i would like to say that i believe childhood is beyond precious, so precious.  it is something to savor and cherish.  and i believe it is to our benefit to allow children to be children as long as possible.  exposing children to unnecessary media early on stifles imaginative play, which is a precursor for analytical thinking and problem-solving.  too many young girls think their self-worth is tied up in appearance.  and more and more, kids and parents are spending less quality time together.  i want my girls to grow up in a world of magic, and i want them to relish in their childhood, and i aim to protect it for as long as i possibly can.  is it hard sometimes without an electronic babysitter? sure.  but, i think it’s worth it.  it allows creativity to soar, and i believe it will help my girls to form healthy relationships with each other, with me, and with the world around them.  without the influence of media, they will know truly what their place in this great world is.

join me, i know you won’t be sorry.

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