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blooms and butterflies

April 30, 2013

a little family outing to the franklin park conservatory for blooms and butterflies.  the girls loved it.  we even have a caterpillar of our very own at home growing and changing in his little box.  and every morning adelaide is eager to see what great changes he has made.  as of now, he’s at least doubled in size.  he’s no longer completely black.  a new bright green striping has appeared, and his little home is covered with what looks like webbing.  he is getting ready to spin his chrysalis and become a painted lady butterflya new book about butterflies is arriving soon so that we can continue to discuss all that we’ve observed.  this outing to the conservatory to watch the butterflies has happened once a year for a few years and we are starting to really enjoy the process.  the girls are beginning to understand more about what they see.  should we move from our fair city, it is something i will miss dearly. after all, my first mother’s day was spent with a butterfly on adelaide’s shoulder.

IMG_7588 IMG_7589 IMG_7592 IMG_7593 IMG_7600 IMG_7601 IMG_7603 IMG_7604 IMG_7609 IMG_7613 IMG_7617 IMG_7620 IMG_7622 IMG_7624 IMG_7625 IMG_7626 IMG_7627 IMG_7628 IMG_7629 IMG_7632 IMG_7633 IMG_7635 IMG_7637 IMG_7649 IMG_7651 IMG_7652 IMG_7654 IMG_7658 IMG_7660 IMG_7661 IMG_7663 IMG_7665 IMG_7666 IMG_7668 IMG_7669 IMG_7671 IMG_7672

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  1. Karen Rodriguez Kruzel permalink
    April 30, 2013 8:02 am

    Excellent, Lauren! Makes me smile!

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